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Admission to Main School (Years 1 to 6):


Our school is towards the north west of Aylesbury and is off the Bierton/Elmhurst roads. We serve all the parishes of Aylesbury. Places at our school are offered in line with our Admissions Criteria as set out in the policy below. This criteria applies whether you want a place in our Reception class or in Years 1 to 6. Although priority is given to Catholic children, children from other Faiths are welcome. The number of places available will depend on class numbers and waiting lists.  In our Admissions Criteria there are 12 categories. A is the highest category and gives your child the most likelihood of being offered a place.  Applications that are supported by Baptismal certificates, signatures of Priests, Faith Leaders etc are given a higher priority than those without supporting evidence. Please note: The Priest will not sign the supplementary form unless you are already registered at his Parish. If you are not registered at a Parish you can do so by making an appointment to meet with the Priest.  


Important information you need to know:


To apply for an in year place in our main school (Years 1 to 6) please complete the form below. 

Applications for the Reception class have to be made using a Local Authority form (paper copy or online).  These can be found on the Buckinghamshire County Council website.


Please note that unlike other schools we do not have a 'catchment area'. However, you may find the following link helpful when making a decision about the school you would like to apply for.


To visit the Bucks CC Catchment Checker or Bucks CC schools directory please Click Here


Our published admissions number (PAN) is 60. This means we take 60 children each year in to our Reception Class.



For appeal information please click here 



Admission to Nursery:


Application and admission to our nursery is dealt with separately than that to the main school and all information can be found on the nursery page of this website.