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'We work together', 'We pray together', 'We grow together'

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Our Mission Statement

St Louis Catholic Primary School


Mission Statement

The following mission statement encapsulates the experience your children will receive at St Louis.

‘We work together, we pray together, we grow together’

Each year starts with the children looking at what this means for them at their age. Their understanding will develop as they progress through the school.


Working together in Reception and nursery may mean sharing toys and playing games in groups, whereas in Y6 it may mean planning projects and carrying out investigations together. Academic success is a key focus at St Louis, and by working together as staff, parents, pupils and governors we will enable our pupils to achieve their potential.  

Praying together is an important part of every day at St Louis. Each class stops at key times of the day to pray, and there is a prayer table in every classroom. Each assembly, including the pupil led Gospel assemblies, ends with a prayer. When possible we hold masses and liturgies where our priest, parents, governors and friends of the school come together with staff and pupils to pray together.

Growing together refers to the way children will develop during their time at St Louis. We want to ensure children leave us as confident, happy, kind and supportive individuals, with Christ at the centre of all they do. This is achieved through our buddy system, House Captain roles, school council and support of charities, Christmas celebrations and summer productions, sports days and the many other opportunities we offer.