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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 


At St Louis, our school mission statement, ‘We work together, we pray together, we grow together’, lies at the heart of all the decisions we make as a school. We want all children to thrive and be successful during their time at our school regardless of their starting points.


Nationally, children from disadvantaged backgrounds do not do as well as other children in school and, because of this, the Government provides additional funding to schools to ensure that these children have the opportunity to achieve as well as any other children; this is called ‘Pupil Premium’ funding and it is a ring-fenced fund provided to all schools in England.


At St Louis, our school’s Deputy Headteacher, Miss Woodward, is the Pupil Premium lead. As a Senior Leadership Team, we assess our pupils’ needs and create a strategy to improve outcomes for our disadvantaged pupils. To do this, as a school, we draw upon nationally recognised evidence, research and best practice, guidance from the Department for Education, and learning from our previous strategies.


We review the effectiveness of our strategy at the start of each school year. The next review is due in September 2022.


Pupil Premium Strategies