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St Louis Catholic Primary School

'We work together', 'We pray together', 'We grow together'

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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team




Catherine Machin

Head Teacher

Christine Woodward

Deputy Head Teacher (Maternity leave)

Joanna Kaluza

Early Years Leader

Carmel Sitkowski

Assistant Head Teacher/Key Stage 1 Leader/Leader of Catholic Life and Chaplaincy

Orla Cooper

Assistant Head Teacher/Key Stage 2 Leader

Tracy Roberts



Teaching Staff


Year Group


Teaching Assistant

Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs J Kaluza

Mrs S Hamshere

Mrs R Farrow

Mrs C Hayward

Mrs G Walker

Mrs H Tipping

Year 1L

Mrs M Morgans

Mrs K Burnell

Mrs R Moore

Year 1S

Miss S Day

Miss M Collis

Mrs A Do Rego

Year 2L

Miss C Sitkowski

Mrs L Chrzanowska

Miss C Nicholas

Year 2S

Mrs L Mounsey

Mrs S Korapaty

Year 3L

Mr J Wassell

Mrs R Boughton

Year 3S

Miss S Smith

Mrs L Wright

Year 4L

Mrs O Cooper

Miss N Byrne

Year 4S

Miss T Perry

Mrs P McGinn

Year 5LMiss T Goulding

Miss R Bohacs

Year 5S

Miss J Keating

Mrs C McKay

Year 6LMr F Leech

Mrs P Melingui Ekanga

Year 6S

Mr S Jones

Mrs C Mitchell

Mrs D Riley - 'Children's Champion'

Mrs L Tocher - SEN support

Mrs N Rushmere - 1:1 SEN support


Nursery Staff




Mrs K Chivers

Nursery Manager

Mrs N Samaranayake

Deputy Nursery Manager

Mrs N Potter

Deputy Nursery Manager

Mrs A Sosnowska

Nursery Assistant

Mrs F JohnsonNursery Assistant
Mrs E ToporekNursery Assistant

Mrs H Halewood

Nursery Assistant 


Administration Support Staff




Mrs L Walker

School Secretary

Mrs B Bellingy

School Administrator

Mrs K Bohacs

School Administrator


Lunchtime & Breakfast Club Support Staff




Mrs C Mitchell

Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs S ChoudhuryBreakfast Club Assistant
Mrs S FlahertyBreakfast Club Assistant

Mrs N Potter

Lunchtime Team Leader

Mrs S Choudhury

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss E Plastow

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S FlahertyLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T ArulnesanLunchtime Superviser
Mrs A ZamurdLunchtime Superviser


Premises Support Staff




Mr J Bellingy

Site Manager

Ms A HumphreysSite Manager

Mrs E Toporek


Mrs S Handshaw


Mrs P Lonergan


Miss E Plastow


Mrs S FlahertyCleaner


Every member of staff, no matter what their job title contributes to the success of our School.